About Us

About BIMuk

BIMuk comprises standards, documentation and guidance on best practise for incorporating BIM software and procedures into the AEC Industries within the United Kingdom. 

BIMuk brings together many standards already used within the UK Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industries within the UK and provides a framework for any company or project standards. Contributors to these standards include authors of relevant British Standards, CPIC guidance documents plus lead individuals from many companies in the forefront of BIM technologies in the UK.

Over the coming months BIMuk will be providing documentation and content to aid companies in the adoption of BIM.

In order for any Building Information Model to be successfully delivered the conventions, protocols and standards required are key to aid this delivery. Within the site guidance is provided on the following:

  • Relevant British Standards
  • Industry Classifications
  • Naming Conventions
  • AEC Industry Abbreviation
  • Plotting Standards
  • Company Standards
  • Project Standards

This is an evolving work and new updates will be added on a regular basis so please visit on a regular basis for the latest information.